Membership Fee Regulations

Version dated 29/06/2020

Section 1: Admission fee
1.1 The Association charges its members an admission fee. The admission fee was set at 120,- €.
1.2 Members who are already members of another CDH regional association and who apply for membership in the Association are exempt from the admission fee. The General Managing Director is entitled to reduce the admission fee or to refrain from collecting it in the case of advertising campaigns or in justified exceptional cases.

Section 2: Full membership, forms of membership, membership fee
2.1 The Association charges its members an annual membership fee. A distinction is made between full member companies (Section 2.2) and full member sales managers/employees (Section 2.3). Furthermore, there are special forms of membership in the form of trial (Section 3), student (Section 4), senior and guest members (Section 5). The General Managing Director shall be entitled to reduce or waive the annual membership fee in the case of promotional campaigns or in justified exceptional cases, unless otherwise provided for in Section 7.2. 25% of the respective membership fee, except for the admission fee and the seniors’ fee according to Section 5, shall be subject to the statutory value added tax and shall be paid with the respective net membership fee.
2.2 Any natural or legal person as well as any partnership that independently works in the sales business can become a full-member company. For full-member companies, the annual fee is based on the total sales (excluding VAT) generated in the previous calendar year, consisting in particular of commission income,
settlement payments, gross profits from own business, proceeds from sales transactions, from work contracts, from service contracts, etc., according to the individual classification pursuant to Section 2.4. The terms “commission income”, “settlement payments”, “gross profits”, “proceeds” and “income” refer to the respective amounts before deduction of any costs. Gross profits represent the difference between sales revenues and the cost of goods and/or materials. When calculating gross profits, no other costs that reduce the amount may be taken into account. For affiliated member companies, an individual annual fee deviating from the Fee Table can be set according to a resolution by the Board of Directors. The fee shall then depend on the total of the cumulative sales (see Section 2.2 (2) and (3)) of the companies. The member is obliged to register the companies with the Association. The Association shall then issue a separate invoice.
2.3 A full-member sales manager / employee is any natural person who only receives income from non-self-employed activities in sales business. Full-member sales managers / employees pay a reduced annual fee of 60,- €. The admission fee is 60,- €. If a full-member sales manager / employee takes legal advice, the membership can be terminated in accordance with Section 6.2 of the statutes in the version of 29.06.2020 at the earliest at the end of the year after next.
2.4 The annual fee according to Section
2.1 is based on the following Fee Table. Each member is obliged to be correctly classified in a way that reflects their actual circumstances.
Tier Sales/income Annual fee

1 up to 150.000,- € 590,- €
2 150.001,- € to 250.000.- € 750,- €
3 250.001,- € to 500.000,- € 1.000,- €
4 over 500.000,- € 1.500,- €

Tier Sales/income Annual fee
1 up to 150.000,- € 590,- €
2 150.001,- € to 250.000.- € 750,- €
3 250.001,- € to 500.000,- € 1.000,- €
4 over 500.000,- € 1.500,- €

The annual fee includes a voucher worth 100,- € for participation in a seminar organised by the Association, which is valid for one year from the date of issue, or
alternatively, two 50,- € vouchers, for webinars priced at a minimum of 100,- € which are valid for one year from the date of issue. The form of the voucher (seminar or webinar) chosen at the beginning of the new association year cannot be exchanged during the association year; A new choice can, however, be made
at the beginning of the following association year.

Section 3: Trial membership
3.1 Newly joining members may apply for a trial membership in writing or on the basis of promotional activities by the Association. Trial members shall be exempt from the payment of dues and the admission fee. The trial membership ends according to the respective agreement, unless a case of Section 4.2 applies. Trial membership does not entail any statutory rights and obligations according to Section 4.1 (1) of the Statute in the version of 29.06.2020.
3.2 The trial membership can be converted to a full membership at the beginning of the next quarter or at the time of the end of the respective current
promotional campaign at the written request of the member.
3.3 Anyone who was or is already a member of the Association cannot become a trial member.

Section 4: Student membership
4.1 Students can apply for a student membership by submitting a certificate of enrolment each year. Students receive benefits, such as the newsletter, and can participate in free events organised by the Association.
4.2 If a student member wishes to take advantage of legal advice, business start-up advice or a comparable advisory service, or wishes to take advantage of parts of a benefit programme, their membership is automatically upgraded to student membership PLUS. The regulations according to Section 8.1 shall then apply.

Section 5: Senior and guest membership
5.1 At the member’s request, following membership in accordance with Section 2 or Section 3 and complete discontinuation of trade or professional activity by the member (e.g. for reasons of age), the member can obtain a senior membership with a view to demonstrating their affinity with the Association that continues beyond the senior member’s own professional activity. Section 4.1 sentence 1 of the Statute in the version dated 29.06.2020 applies accordingly.
5.2 A new member who does not satisfy the requirements of Section 2.1 of the Statute but who wishes to use individual services of the Association may be accepted as a guest member. In order to grant a guest membership in individual cases, the General Managing Director is entitled to allow exceptions to the requirements. A guest membership does not entail any statutory rights or obligations in accordance with Section 4.1 sentence 1 of the Statute in the version dated 29/06/2020. Members who were already guest members in accordance with Section 3a of the Statute in the version dated 22.03.2013 at the time the
amendment to the Statute came into force on 29.06.2020 shall remain guest members, even if they are professionally active in accordance with Section 3.1.
5.3 Senior members pay a reduced annual fee of 127.50 € while the guest membership fee is 255,- €. Section 1, Section 6.3(3), Section 6.5 and Section 7.3 do not apply.

Section 6: Due date and payment methods
6.1 The admission fee is due for payment when the member is accepted into the Association.
6.2 If a member terminates their membership in the course of the calendar year in which they join, or in the two calendar years following their admission,
the Association shall charge a processing fee of 50,- €.
6.3 The members’ liability to pay the annual fee arises on 1st January of the respective calendar year, with the payment due at the beginning of 1st January of
the calendar year for which it is collected. The payment shall be deemed to have been made on time so long as the membership fee is received on the account of the Association prior to the foregoing deadline. At the member’s request, payment can be made in four equal instalments, due on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October of the respective calendar year.
6.4 Membership fees are generally collected using the SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme. Upon joining the Association, the member undertakes to issue a
SEPA Core Direct Debit mandate and to ensure that there are sufficient funds on the account to be debited. Members who have not yet issued a direct debit authorisation in favour of the Association are advised to issue such direct debit authorisation by 30th September of each calendar year for the following calendar year. In the event of an unauthorised return of direct debit, a change of the account to be debited or insufficient funds, a fee of 5,- € will be charged for the administrative expenses incurred by the Association.
6.5 Members who do not participate in the SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme must pay their fees to the Association’s account by no later than 31st January of each year. In this case, the member must pay an additional processing fee of 10% of the membership fee. If reminders are issued, reminder
fees of 5,- € shall be charged per reminder.
6.6 If the member according to Section 2.2 (Full Membership) joins the Association in the course of the calendar year, the annual fee for the year in which the member joins shall be calculated according to quarterly increments, whereby the fee is calculated from the beginning of the quarter in which the membership application is accepted by the Association. The annual membership fee for the year in which the member joins the Association is rounded up to full euro amounts and is due for payment upon notification of the acceptance of the membership application to the member.
6.7 If the member leaves the Association, their obligation to pay membership fees according to Section 2 shall expire at the end of the calendar year in which they leave. Before a service is provided by the Association, upon request, the member must submit evidence confirming that their classification is correct and that it reflects their actual circumstances. Should the member fail to provide such evidence on time or if the classification is incorrect, no service will be provided.
6.8 If the membership fee remains unpaid following 3 unsuccessful written reminders, the Association shall be entitled to take legal steps to enforce its claims to the membership fee.

Section 7: Miscellaneous provisions
7.1 At the request of the member and submission of the business registration, the annual fee for young professionals according to Section 2.2. (e.g. business start-ups, business start-up person) is reduced to 100,- € in the calendar year in which the business is registered and to 200,- € in the calendar year following the business registration; the admission fee is 60,- €. Section 6.3 S. 3 and Section 6.5 do not apply.
7.2 Other fee reductions or deferrals shall only be granted on application and only in proven cases of emergency, for a maximum of one year at a time. If the sum in accordance with Section 2.2 did not exceed 50.000,- in the previous calendar year and a business assessment or any other suitable form is submitted as evidence, the annual fee can be reduced to 280,- €. Section 7.3 (1) does not aply. Retrospective reductions are excluded. Members shall have no legal claim to the foregoing.
7.3 In individual cases, the General Managing Director is entitled to deviate from the aforementioned provisions (Section 1 to Section 8).
7.4 The membership Fee Regulations become valid on 25.06.2022.

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